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Author Brittany Nicole Lewis Merlin the Friendly Monster Book Cover Image

Merlin the Friendly Monster

A young monster, Merlin, hates being mean and isn’t very good at it. He isn’t scary like the other monsters and gets made fun of because he squeaks rather than growls and doesn’t have pointy teeth. He soon befriends a human child named Edward, who also gets teased because he is small, shy and wears glasses. When Merlin’s older brother, Igor, finds out he is friends with a human, he becomes very angry. He brings Merlin home to tell on him, but when they walk through the door, both monsters are shocked by what they see!

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Young Adult

Finding Freedom – Book 1

Katie was born into a cult. Her family lived there for generations. As she got older, she realized the Elders were keeping secrets from the community. Risking everything, she leaves the cult and searches for the truth. With the help of outsiders, Katie and her young husband David are put in touch with an organization called Purple Haven, which provides medical care, shelter, counseling and job training to individuals who have escaped from cults. She soon discovers she’s pregnant. With the help of her husband, her therapist, and two friends, Katie learns what it means to have a relationship with God.

Author Brittany Nicole Lewis Finding Freedom Book Cover Image

Praise for Finding Freedom

Author Brittany Nicole Lewis Heir of Zion Book Cover Image

Heir of Zion – Book 2

Michael felt like his life ended the day his family left. In a way, it did. While he struggled to remain composed when he was in the company of others, he allowed his thoughts and anxieties to consume him when he was alone. Though the life that he had always known had ended, a new one quickly emerged, one that had been suppressed by the Elders for far too long. While Michael struggled to wrap his brain around the information he was learning about his true identity and the community he had grown up in, his heart continuously pulled him toward a young girl and his new found romance, while it simultaneously ached for the family he lost.

Praise for Heir of Zion

Reunited – Book 3

Just as Katie’s life is settling into a new normal after leaving Zion and the birth of her son, she is given news that will forever alter her reality. Meanwhile, the moment that Michael has so desperately wished for, but never thought would come has finally arrived. He must make the hardest decision of his life, and if he doesn’t choose correctly, he could lose everything, forever.

Author Brittany Nicole Lewis Reunited Book Cover Image

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Praise for Reunited

Author Brittany Nicole Lewis The Zion Series Book Cover Image

The Zion Series

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The Lost Daughter

Jessica never knew she was bored with her life until everything changed. She had always known she was adopted, and spent her entire childhood not thinking very much at all about her biological parents.
When Jessica’s parents move them six hours away, to the city Jessica was born in, to open a ministry for the homeless, her entire world gets flipped upside down. Jessica sees the faces of the people they’re ministering to without really seeing them, until she sees a face that looks exactly like hers. She puts her detective skills and sharp mind to work and with the help of a new friend, uncovers a truth that has been buried for years.

Author Brittany Nicole Lewis The Lost Daughter Book Cover Image

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Author Brittany Nicole Lewis Shine Through The Darkness Book Cover Image

Shine Through the Darkness

This is a book made up primarily of poetry. It describes my struggles with anxiety, depression, different forms of abuse, feelings of isolation and my search for God and my fight to break free from these strongholds.

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Praise for Shine Through the Darkness

Inside a Broken Mind

A look inside the mind of an angry teenage girl who feels like an outcast and grapples with feelings of emotional isolation and depression.

Author Brittany Nicole Lewis Inside a Broken Mind Book Cover Image

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Praise for Inside a Broken Mind